Who Are We?

Central Coast Academy of Sport

The Regional Academies of Sport Ltd (RAS Ltd) is the parent company of the Central Coast Academy of Sport and Hunter Academy of Sport. 

Since our inception in 2004, CCAS has been a beacon of opportunity for over 3,000 aspiring athletes, coaches, officials, and administrators in the NSW Central Coast region. As we gear up for the next decade of success, we’re excited to continue our mission of nurturing talent and fostering excellence in sports. At CCAS, we’re more than just a sporting organization – we’re a community-driven, non-profit entity dedicated to providing localized training and development opportunities for our region’s young athletes. With a robust lineup of high-performance sport programs annually, ranging from Netball to Golf and everything in between, we cater to a diverse range of sporting passions.

What sets CCAS apart is our unwavering commitment to quality. Our programs boast access to some of Australia’s top coaches, ensuring athletes receive top-notch training to propel their careers forward. But we don’t stop there – alongside on-field sessions, our athletes benefit from personalized development education sessions, nurturing both their athletic talent and personal growth.

None of this would be possible without the generous support of our partners. From funding provided by the NSW Government to invaluable corporate backing from local and regional organisations, our sponsors play a pivotal role in removing financial barriers and making our programs accessible to all.

With a well-defined corporate strategy that has guided us since day one, CCAS stands as a testament to the power of collaboration and community spirit. Many of our longstanding partners have been with us for years, sharing our vision and helping make elite training more attainable for aspiring athletes.

Join us at CCAS and be part of a journey where passion meets opportunity. Together, let’s shape the future of sports on the Central Coast and beyond!

Our Vision

We support an athlete's journey to fulfil their dreams.

Our Mission

To identify and support talented athletes in a professional and holistic environment to fulfil their potential.

Our Values

Professional: We are elite in our actions.

Innovation: We are passionate about exploring new horizons.

Leadership: We lead by example.

Integrity: We are accountable through honesty and truth.


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