Nominations now closed. Squad is announced below for 2024
Nominations for the 2025 Program will open April 2025

The CCAS Athletics program is crafted to complement the training schedules of local Track & Field athletes, offering valuable supplementary support. We provide off-track assistance to eligible athletes and facilitate connections with coaches in various disciplines as required.

Qualifying athletes selected for the associate scholarship program gain access to exclusive training sessions, expert presenters, and resources covering diverse topics including nutrition, sports psychology, drugs in sport and community, youth leadership, and injury prevention.

Orientation Sunday 26th May 2024

Scholarship athletes are selected from local Central Coast athletics clubs and receive the associated benefits of being a scholarship holder through the CCAS in the anticipation of progressing further through to state and national selection.  The Athletics program follows the FTEM Model of pathway development, from Foundation, Talent, Elite and Mastery of the sport.

Track and Field athletes will have access to the following benefits as a CCAS athlete:

  • CCAS Merchandise pack including backpack, training shirt and training singlet
  • 3 month gym, track and pool pass
  • Education Sessions on topics such as Nutrition, Sports Psychology and Drugs in Sport
  • A musculoskeletal screening and education session from Coast Sport
  • Monthly skills based sessions from expert coaches

To be eligible for selection in the 2024 program athletes must:

  • Athletes must be turning 13 to 17 years of age in 2024.
  • Athletes must reside or attend school in the RAS catchment area.
  • Athletes must be a current registered member of Athletics New South Wales.
  • Athletes must meet the performance standards for their event(s) as outlined by Athletics Australia –

Each applicant undergoes a thorough review by a panel of CCAS coaches, administrators and representatives. We follow clear performance guidelines set by Athletics NSW, ensuring fairness and transparency:  REGIONAL ACADEMY ENTRY MATRIX

Our selection process considers both objective and subjective measures, with the CCAS holding final responsibility for athlete selection. We prioritize dedication, attitude, and potential for growth.


Step into greatness with the 2024 Central Coast Academy of Sport Athletics program! Elevate your athletic journey with an array of inclusions designed to empower and inspire you every step of the way:
Guest Speakers: Prepare to be motivated by industry experts and accomplished athletes who will share their insights, experiences and wisdom. Our guest speakers will ignite your passion and drive, offering unique perspectives and inspiring stories to fuel your athletic aspirations.
Educational Speakers: Knowledge is power, and our program is committed to providing you with the tools and understanding you need to excel. Benefit from educational speakers who will delve into key aspects of athletics, including technique, strategy, mental resilience, and nutrition. Expand your mind and sharpen your skills as you absorb invaluable information from seasoned professionals.
Uniforms: Look the part and feel the part with our sleek and stylish uniforms. Designed for both performance and comfort, our uniforms will instill a sense of pride and unity as you represent the Central Coast Academy of Sport Athletics team.
Strength & Conditioning (S&C) and Functional Movement Screening: Maximize your athletic potential with personalized strength and conditioning programs tailored to your individual needs. Our expert coaches will conduct thorough functional movement screenings to identify areas for improvement and develop targeted training regimens to enhance your strength, agility, and overall athletic performance. Whether you’re sprinting, jumping, or throwing, our S&C programs will optimize your body mechanics and elevate your game to new heights.

Active Kids Vouchers approved & accepted

Steve Perry – Head Coach/Running Coach

We have access to specialised coaches (Jumps/Throws) if required.    

Anais Biasi
Blake Mcdonald
Caitlin Russell
Caleb Lewis
Clodagh Bookallil
Cooper Manser
Daniel Gallo
Dante Madzinga
Ellena Halloran
George Wells
Jiya Marwaha
Lachlan Donafee
Lily Axford
Linkin Haddad
Milla Davies
Naomi Truong
Paige Casey
Rebecca Fowler
Xavier Perry
Zahli Fisher

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