Nomination for the 2024 program are currently open

May 8, 2024
May 29, 2024

Nominations for the 2024 Program are now OPEN until 29th May



Selected athletes will receive expert coaching and will participate in both practical and educational development sessions throughout the program. Selected athletes will receive ‘in water’ training to further develop technical skills along with Sports Physiotherapist support at every session, specialised performance testing, media exposure and educational sessions such as breath work, nutrition, goal setting, and social awareness to ensure athletes also learn how to prepare themselves out of the water.

Athletes will also have the opportunity to participate in a squad camp/s, which will be at an additional cost to the program levy.  These camps (often as tours outside the region) provide competition exposure, training sessions, guest presenters and a fantastic experience for the athletes to be part of a touring sporting group.

Orientation 2024 Program – Saturday 29th June

Athletes are selected from local Central Coast swim clubs and receive the associated benefits of being an athlete through CCAS in anticipation of progressing further through to state and national selection.

The following benefits will apply to those selected in the Swimming program:

  • Face to face training sessions plus S&C Training sessions and personalised programming for skill development over approx. May – October 2024
  • Athletes will also be provided with face to face educational opportunities such as: Strength and conditioning, Nutrition, Sport Psychology, and more
  • Access to all Central Coast Academy of Sport providers
  • 14 – 17 years of age (born in 2010, 2009, 2008 and 2007)
  • State level athlete
  • Currently reside within the Central Coast Region
  • A current registered member of Swimming NSW

To be eligible for selection, athletes need to provide evidence of time/s at a sanctioned event or events (Event, Date and Venue).

Athletes submit an on-line application form which is then assessed by the CCAS selection panel. The eligibility requirements are assessed and ALL athletes must submit evidence of performance via the on-line application.

If successful, athletes will be required to sign an athlete agreement to attend all scheduled sessions (unless a written submission is received i.e. for school event or meet).

Program Details:

May-October 2024

Cost: TBC in welcome pack once selected

Location: Sessions will run between the Hunter region and Central Coast

Head Coach – Jen Noel

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