“Sport is a Game, Servicing it is a Business”

This simple yet effective message is a guiding principle for the Central Coast Academy of Sport. A number of founding partners have identified that sport is an excellent medium for business. If your business can see the potential in supporting this regions sporting talent then the Central Coast Academy of Sport can tailor a benefits package that will:

Consolidate and / or develop an association with sport through an enhanced sponsorship program (tailoring a benefits program).

Leverage your companies involvement with the Central Coast Academy of Sport by expanding activity into the specific access entry points such as sports networking, seminars, talented athlete programs, website technologies, digital media strategies, all leading to higher order sports performance and hence a strong affiliation and link to the ‘athlete pathway’.

Implement a marketing and promotion program with year round activities targeted at the key markets. The ability to be heavily involved with community promotions to develop a strong community presence is an important direction of the Academy of Sport. Contracted media partners in TV, print and radio will guarantee a strong market presence for all companies contracted to the Academy.

The Central Coast Academy of Sport is potentially the most important sports initiative for the regions aspiring athletes, coaches and administrators.

The Academy has been positioned to ensure the sports industry of the region has an opportunity to fully develop their skill, opportunities and expertise locally.

The opportunities and future developments for sport on the Central Coast are unlimited and the Academy is the vehicle to capture these opportunities and provide for the regions developing talents.

The organisation is now seeking funding or value in kind support from like minded business partners to enact the directions and plans demonstrated within this website.

Not Sure? Talk with one of our many founding partners who had the Vision and Commitment to align their organization with the Central Coast Academy of Sport. Remember Sport is more than playing a game; it is the business of sustainability and providing sporting opportunities for our future. This is the key to our endeavor it could well be the opportunity your business can secure.

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