Central Coast and Hunter Academies of Sport Re-Sign with UAA

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In what can be described as a strong start to 2023, the Hunter Academy of Sport (HAS) and Central Coast Academy of Sport (CCAS) have re-signed an exciting and beneficial partnership which will assist over 700 young Academy athletes across the Hunter and Central Coast

Underwriting Agencies of Australia (UAA) have signed with the HAS and CCAS on a multi-year contract, coming off the back of an already successful sponsorship agreement with the 2 Academies.

HAS and CCAS are excited to have UAA onboard as major sponsor of the Hunter and Central Coast Hockey programs. Both Academies will host more Indigenous Talent Identification Day (ITID) in their areas, off the back of successful 2022 events. This event invites Indigenous students from Hunter and Central Coast schools to come together under the watchful eyes of some of the regions most experienced sports coaches. ITID focuses on ‘unearthing’ local indigenous talent from the Hunter and Central Coast regions to then be able to provide full scholarships to HAS and CCAS sporting programs.

Michael Murphy, UAA Group Chief Executive Officer said of the partnership, “UAA is a locally born and bred company dating back to the early 80’s, committed to diversity and inclusion and striving to always promote this within our organisation. By supporting pathways for Indigenous youth in Australia we are enhancing the educational, employment, training and career development opportunities for people of Indigenous descent by offering scholarships in the Academy of Sport programs,” he concluded.

Ian Robilliard, Group Commercial Director followed, “UAA are an incredibly important corporate partner of the CCAS and HAS and I’m thrilled that our work is being leveraged to a higher level with further engagement across both regions. In an environment where sponsorship at regional level has never been more important it’s great to see UAA engaged across the Indigenous Talent ID Program and the Hockey programs. I have no doubt this level
of support will see our two organisations engage in friendly competition as the programs continue to further evolve.”

For further information about UAA, please visit this link. 

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